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The thought of finding a preschool is enough to make most  parents feel anxious. If you are a parent with a child at preschool age, you could be worrying about the environment your child will be put in, Or if they will be able to cope with separation. There’s really no reason to worry. Attending a high-quality preschool program can help your child in more ways than one.  Children can gain a lot from preschool because they are not only exposed to activities that promote cognitive growth, they are also exposed to plenty of opportunities that develop their social and emotional skills. So, if you are deciding whether or not to send your little one to a preschool, here are some good reasons why you should.

Preschool provides a solid foundation for learning

Preschool is a great step in Early Childhood Development

A good quality preschool curriculum prepares young children for the challenges and academic demands of school. In a preschool class, teachers provide activities and games that help children acquire the necessary skills to be ready for the next step. They are given plenty of learning experiences that develop their academic, as well as social skills.

Preschool is a place where children can build their confidence

In addition to strengthening academic and social skills, a good preschool program can help young kids build their confidence and gain a sense of self. It is in preschool that they discover that they can be independent and are capable of doing things for and by themselves. When they accomplish small and simple tasks, their confidence grows.

Preschool is where kids learn their ABC’s

Teaching kids the alphabet by having them sit down and listen to a teacher is not the best way to do it. In a preschool class, teachers use the kind of activities that are both educational and interesting for kids. They play with blocks, listen to their teacher’s stories, and play rhyming games and so on. Because school for small kids is mostly about fun and games, a preschool sees to it that they offer all the activities that help preschool children achieve academic milestones and acquire valuable skills.

Preschool prepares children for future academic endeavors

Before sending kids to elementary school where things become more academic, it is a good idea to send them to a preschool first. If you’re worried that the basic alphabet and Math they will learn in preschool will make them grow up too soon, there’s no reason to fret. Preschool curriculums won’t take the playtime away from children. It won’t deprive them of the childhood fun that they need and deserve. Rather, it will provide your child the benefit of early education while having fun learning. Preschool programs are based on learning through play, so it’s definitely something kids will love.

Preschool contributes to your child’s social and emotional development

Preschool education is fun!

In preschool, your little one will have plenty of opportunities to socialize, play and work with kids of the same age. They will learn how to cooperate, compromise and be respectful of others. They are exposed to the kind of environment where they start building relationships outside of home. A good quality preschool program promotes warm relationships among teachers and children. Their experiences in preschool teach young children to manage and control their emotions. They are taught how to manage their anger and frustrations. The preschool teachers don’t immediately step in whenever there are conflicts. Children are given the chance to work out their own conflicts. But of course, teachers know when it’s time to intervene. They take time to talk to kids and make them understand the impact of their behavior.

Preschool teaches children how to care for themselves and others

In preschool, a child’s sense of competence and self worth increase as they learn how to take care of themselves as well as other people. They are encouraged to help out in the classroom, practice proper hygiene, put their toys away and more. These simple tasks teach the kids the right behaviors needed to function as they grow older.

A high quality preschool helps build knowledge and skills that children need to do well in their future academic endeavors. If you’re looking for the best preschool in Atlanta, please consider ABC Early Learning.