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Caterpillars - Preschool Daycare Program

We go above and beyond to create an inspiring safe early education childcare environment for our preschoolers.

Caterpillars – Preschool Program

The caterpillar is on a journey to greatness. They carefully navigate through their environment with more tact, awareness and hope for their imminent future. The Preschool Program at ABC aims to model the experience of these cute critters by preparing students to break out of their cocoons and take flight in higher education. Preschool acts a preparatory academy that focuses on academic readiness skills.

Caterpillars are exposed to real-world situations, current events and more complex learning concepts that complement the evolution that takes place at the 3-year-old stage. Their personalities are larger than life and their perception of the world has matured to understand how things operate and coincide in their everyday lives.

The Preschool classroom incorporates immersive exploration centers that allow them to heighten their competency of academic subjects. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) make up a large portion of our Preschool Academy’s curriculum in addition to: language and literacy, logic and reasoning, social studies and environmental awareness. We strive to instill more structure, accountability and independence at the Caterpillar stage so when the time comes, they can spread their wings and flaunt the beautiful colors that make them so unique.

We Go Above and Beyond

Secure Access

Your child's safety is critical to us. We use keyfob security to ensure only permitted people  get access to the facility.

Cleanliness is Everything

We believe that cleanliness is a key part of providing a safe environment. We use Zono technology to ensure your child's environment is as clean as possible.

Digital Reports

You can easily keep up with your child's social and academic development with our digital reporting.



Every parent knows that threes are serious talkers! They engage in meaningful conversations with very specific topics of interest and concern. Your Caterpillar is in the beginning stages of writing and reading as they trace and follow along with their teacher’s interactive guidance and now understand that reading and writing are extended forms of communication. Their phonological and alphabetical awareness allows them to notice words and sound patterns outside of the classroom. Your imaginative three-year-old will tell animated stories with symbols and figures that let you experience things as they see it.

Executive Function

At this stage, threes thoroughly enjoy doing things themselves. Sometimes they don’t want to hold your hand or listen to your requests. It’s not that they are mischievous or disobedient – this is an age where their executive functions skills are tested through independency. Threes can use the bathroom and take an active role in their self-care routine. They can make plans, set goals and create a vision for their future by identifying with things they see themselves becoming when they grow up. They may not know what the future will hold when they grow up to become Spiderman or a Princess, but if they believe it can be executed, we support it!


The Caterpillar Program expands the introductory level of curriculum that other classrooms covered. We stimulate their increased intellectual, methodical and interrogative way of approaching everyday life by presenting new topics, interests and tools. They can connect numbers and words to the quantities and meaning represented and identify them in written form. Scientific experiments and engineering engage little minds to see how small components of a subject comprise the bigger picture and notice a difference in results. Concepts such as history, community roles and cultural diversity are taught to put social studies in a basic context. Now your Caterpillar can count, read simple sight words and understands the physical and natural world’s qualities.

Social - Emotional

Shyness begins to fade as Caterpillars are more comfortable vocalizing opinions. They enjoy group play and collaborative work. You may experience your little one become very eager to be your helper around the house or share with friends. Threes can distinguish authority figures and know how to show respect and follow rules. They talk out their problems and more effectively handle conflict with friends through their increased empathy and understanding of individual differences. This understanding of individual differences allows Caterpillars to appreciate the diversity amongst peers by identifying how people are the same and how they are different.

Creative Expression

The world looks very different to your Caterpillar! Threes can sense that their surroundings have an aesthetic nature and their little eyes light up as they notice the beauty around them. With more advanced fine motor skills, they begin forming two and three-dimensional artwork using different mediums provided in the classroom. Song lyrics have newfound meaning as threes begin using them to express their feelings. You may catch your little one performing live and grooving to the beat as they act out lyrics. Our dramatic play centers are the highlight of the day! Imagination blooms through the use of costumes and props as threes showcase their personalities and interpretations of everyday life.

Physical Development and Wellness

Caterpillars are slow moving in real life but not at ABC! Our threes have increased agility, stamina and focus when using their bodies. They can’t wait to show off their muscles and challenge themselves physically by initiating and mimicking more strenuous tasks. Their body awareness allows them to complete basic hygiene, health and safety routines with a little guidance. Threes can distinguish healthy and unhealthy lifestyle choices and foods as they learn more about how their body functions.

Watch What Our Parents Have to Say

All of our programs at ABC Early Learning Academy are created to provide the best child care and individualized early learning experiences for your child regardless of their age, stage of development, or even the time of year!

I absolutely love it. We actually left for a few weeks and I almost immediately regretted the decision…. Every time I come in here he’s smiling and happy…. This makes me as a mom feel extremely comfortable.

Ms. Crystal

They’ve had my son since he was 6 months old. This is a wonderful place to be.  We love it because they’ve given him a place to learn and to play and to be loved on as much as he needs to be.

Ms Heather

We’ve been at ABC for over 2 years. We chose ABC because the staff here has been awesome to work with. Would I recommend you guys ? Absolutely. It’s been nothing but a pleasure here.

Mr. Howard

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