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Butterflies - Georgia Pre-K Program

We go above and beyond to create an inspiring safe early education childcare environment for our pre-kindergarten children.

Butterflies – Georgia Pre-K Program

Our Early Learning Academy comes to full bloom as Caterpillars leave their cocoons and spread their wings in our Pre-Kindergarten Programs. Pre-K models a typical grade school day by establishing a more organized environment, set start and end times, incorporating uniforms and an advanced curriculum that gives fours a head-start so that the transition to Elementary School happens with ease, confidence and academic readiness. Fours are the “big kids on campus” and we strive to make their senior year at ABC a memorable one.

Children that have participated in a Pre-K Program are more likely to show strengths in language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills, behavioral and emotional health – all of which are key to building a solid foundation for continued success through life’s learning experiences to come. We operate on a school-year calendar with a standards-based curriculum that assesses your child’s progress quarterly to ensure they are prepared for the routine and rigor of Kindergarten.

ABC offers a Free Kindergarten Program at the Midtown and Stockbridge location that’s sponsored by the Georgia Lottery. Participation is voluntary on a first come, first serve basis as Georgia’s Pre-K Program space is limited to a set number of available slots each school year. Both our Free and Private Pre-K Programs compliment your local school system and operates on a 6.5 hours daily schedule – 180 days of the calendar year. Standard school hours are 7:30AM – 2:30PM, however your child is invited to extend their learning day by registering for Before and After Care programs to accommodate your work schedule.

We Go Above and Beyond

Secure Access

Your child's safety is critical to us. We use keyfob security to ensure only permitted people  get access to the facility.

Cleanliness is Everything

We believe that cleanliness is a key part of providing a safe environment. We use Zono technology to ensure your child's environment is as clean as possible.

Digital Reports

You can easily keep up with your child's social and academic development with our digital reporting.



Fours can recount experiences with great detail using their expanded vocabulary and sentence-forming skills. Unlike Tots and Preschoolers, their storytelling abilities come about in a structured stream of consciousness with a clear beginning, middle and end when presented. Fours vocabulary is more receptive and expressive, allowing them to communicate their ideas and needs articulately. Writing their names and reading become more proficient as we help them exercise their gained literacy skills in the classroom.

Executive Function

Butterflies have reached new levels of independent thought and activity. Their memory is vivid, and they can come to conclusions by analyzing past experiences. Fours can strategize and plan when conducting themselves in more complex, multi-step projects like building and experimenting. Challenging activities are now completed with a greater focus, concentration and in-depth critical thinking skills as their brain function has advanced to a level that incorporates sequencing, symbolism and comparative analysis.


The Pre-K Program is geared to stimulate fast-track cognitive development through the structured school day. Like grade school, fours spend an allotted amount of time on each of the core learning subjects and receive homework/assessments accordingly.


In addition to language and literacy acquisition, we incorporate:

·       Math: Counting, sequencing, creating patterns, sorting, adding, subtracting, quantitative reasoning, measuring and graphing.

·       Social Studies: Learning about community figures, family roles and relationships, cultural diversity and anthropology, current events and geography.

·       Nature & Science: Teaching children about the environment, weather, living and nonliving components of our ecosystem through developing an understanding of thenatural and physical world.

·       Engineering: Allowing small minds to think big about how things are built and why to understand that tools are used to help people do things better and building is aprocess that takes place all around them.

Social - Emotional

Bold Butterflies love to socialize and show off their talents. It’s common to catch your little one putting on “talent shows” and exhibiting their unique qualities. This shows their sense of self-worth, confidence and love. Fours understand authority and can show gestures of adoration, respect and appreciation for others. They have transitioned out of the “mine!” stage and are more willing to share and collaborate with peers. They understand community and how working toward the greater good collectively benefits all – which helps them understand the power in numbers.

Creative Expression

With more “wisdom” and recollection of past experiences, dramatic play and creative expression has developed into detailed works of art. Fours can manipulate multiple artistic mediums when creating, such as clay, paint, crayons, markers, etc. Since their mobility and balance has advanced, Butterflies can literally dance to the beat, choreograph their own moves and create a musical ambiance with almost anything they put their hands on. Butterflies are great actors and exercise their knowledge of community and family roles during dramatic play to stage their experiences and share them with family, friends and us!

Physical Development and Wellness

Fours are very flexible, fast and free with their movements. Their competitive nature comes into play as they are inclined to challenge others in races and outdoor games. This age group can endure longer feats of physical activity without tiring and need less help navigating themselves. Their growing independence boosts their ability to care and groom themselves with daily routines. They better understand health and nutrition although their sweet tooth prevails at times! We empower our Butterflies to make healthy lifestyle choices through physical activity, self-care and nutrition.

Watch What Our Parents Have to Say

All of our programs at ABC Early Learning Academy are created to provide the best child care and individualized early learning experiences for your child regardless of their age, stage of development, or even the time of year!

I absolutely love it. We actually left for a few weeks and I almost immediately regretted the decision…. Every time I come in here he’s smiling and happy…. This makes me as a mom feel extremely comfortable.

Ms. Crystal

They’ve had my son since he was 6 months old. This is a wonderful place to be.  We love it because they’ve given him a place to learn and to play and to be loved on as much as he needs to be.

Ms Heather

We’ve been at ABC for over 2 years. We chose ABC because the staff here has been awesome to work with. Would I recommend you guys ? Absolutely. It’s been nothing but a pleasure here.

Mr. Howard

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