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What to Look For in a Daycare in Atlanta

As a parent, making the decision to leave your little one in daycare is never easy. It’s sometimes hard to imagine leaving your child under someone else’s care. But if you and your spouse are both working, a high-quality daycare would be an excellent option. It’s all a matter of picking the best daycare for your child. If you don’t know where to get started, here‘s a list of qualities to  look for when searching for a good daycare center.

A good reputation

A daycare’s reputation is one of the things that should never be ignored in your search of a center for your child to attend. A good daycare should be known for having a friendly atmosphere and a safe and nurturing environment. Do your research and ask around. Take note of the clientele the daycare center caters to and contact them for references. You may also ask your friends and family or check their websites and look at the reviews. If you hear a couple of complaints and negative feedback about a daycare, you should take it as a red flag and move on to the next one on your list.

Qualified and experienced staff

The staff and employees in a daycare center should be well-trained and experienced. They must have a background in early childhood education, as well as experience dealing with young kids. When you visit a daycare center, pay attention to how the daycare staff interacts with the children. They are expected to be well-prepared, responsible and enthusiastic. It would also be best if the caregivers shared the same philosophies when it comes to discipline, schedule for feeding, sleeping and other important childcare issues.

Fun and stimulating curriculum

The environment in a daycare is not as structured as the ones you can find in a regular classroom. Daycare centers are a structured in a less visible way. The instruction is not rigid in that there are specific schedules set for all the activities like reading sessions, playing, physical activities, feeding and napping. Kids in good quality daycare centers learn through play. Teachers facilitate educational games that are age-appropriate. They use techniques and approaches that stimulate learning and development in a fun and exciting way.

Low teacher to child ratio

When looking for a childcare center for your child, one of the most important factors to consider would be the teacher to child ratio.  This shows how many children are assigned to one teacher. Ages 0 to 3 are the most crucial developmental years in a child’s life. These are the years when kids need adequate nutrition, attention, nurturing and love. And to make sure that your child gets the attention and nurturing they need in a daycare, the daycare center should have a low teacher-child ratio.

Healthy meals and snacks

The food that your child eats is just as important as the care and attention they receive. So aside from allowing your child to eat the meals served in the daycare, look for the center that allows parents to pack healthy lunches for their children. This way, you can be assured that your kids can eat healthy meals and snacks even when they’re not at home.

Plenty of exercise and physical activities

Even young children need plenty of physical activity. They also need to stretch their bones and muscles using exercise. High-quality daycare centers value the importance of adequate daily exercise. Therefore, they make sure that they provide outdoor physical activities to shape better behavior among children, help them become stronger and help them to be more attentive.

Positive discipline

Discipline is something that should be imposed on kids even at a young age. Good daycare centers know the right approach to dealing with kids who misbehave. Make sure that you choose a daycare that knows how to discipline children in a way that coincide with your values. Make sure that the teachers will discipline these young kids out of love and respect and teach them the right behavior.

Because your child will be spending more time in a daycare during the crucial years of their life, make sure that you choose the best daycare for them. And if you’re looking for the best daycare in Atlanta that will suit your child’s needs, please consider ABC Early Learning.