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Why Movement Is Crucial In The Classroom

Educational programs, whether it be classes for toddlers or preschool education, tend to focus on a child’s educational and socioemotional skills. These skills are extremely crucial for our kids at this stage of development, but researchers are also finding that...

Breaking The Myths of Early Learning Education: Part 1

The early years — before they turn eight years old — are crucial for kids, as it is a time for major growth, development, and exploration into who they will become. Many replicated and evidence-based studies have found strong data that early learning programs result...

Why Early Learning Accreditation Matters

When you’re choosing an early learning program, you want to know that your child is in safe hands and that their education is high-quality. Choosing a program is a feat in and of itself, so knowing that the early program is licensed are the beginning steps. Not only...

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