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The case for early education

The understanding that early childhood education programs are needed, is not something that is debated, it’s a fact. The gray area is often highlighted because — despite our understanding of early education urgency —  these programs are not nationally mandated, so...

Choosing An Early Learning Program: Part 1

Choosing an early childhood education program is an important, albeit, nerve racking choice. With so many theories and approaches on child development, it’s hard to know which avenue to go down. Don’t place too much pressure on yourself because at the end of the day,...

What to Look For in a Daycare in Atlanta

As a parent, making the decision to leave your little one in daycare is never easy. It’s sometimes hard to imagine leaving your child under someone else’s care. But if you and your spouse are both working, a high-quality daycare would be an excellent option. It’s all...

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