ABC Early Learning Academy Programs

All of our programs at ABC Early Learning Academy are created to provide the best child care and individualized early learning experiences for your child regardless of their age, stage of development, or even the time of year!

infant with teacher at ABC Early Learning Academy
Happy infant cuddles with teacher at ABC Early Learning Academy

Infant Program–Baby Bugs: Babies learn about language acquisition, social interaction and always get plenty of cuddle time! Our nurturing caregivers are responsive to the needs of your growing child, all in a bright colorful, multi-sensory environment. Learn more about our Infant Program.

Toddlers (age 1-3) grow and change so much during these 2 years that we have found it more appropriate to have two levels of Toddler care (our Toddler l and Toddler ll programs) to better serve their needs and exciting, ever expanding world!

Toddler I Program–Tiny Turtles: The Toddler l Program concentrates on the developmental goals of this age and emphasizes safety and security. Learn more about our Toddler l Program.

Toddler II Program—Bumblebees: The Toddler ll Program focuses on the development of a child’s natural curiosity found in older toddlers. Learn more about ABC Early Learning Academy’s Toddler ll Program.

Georgia Pre-K: At ABC Early Learning Academy, we are a Georgia State Lottery funded pre-K program, allowing us to provide 5 classes at 2 locations in the Metro Atlanta area. Learn more about our Georgia Pre-K Program.

Child reading at ABC Early Learning Academy
Reading is so much fun at ABC Early Learning Academy!

Preschool Program: Our Preschool program focuses on the expanding needs of children age 3-4 as they prepare for the exciting world of preschool and beyond! Learn more about our Preschool Program.

Summer Camp-Parents! Make sure all that hard earned knowledge stays with your child, with our fun, exciting and amazing Summer Camp Program! Learn more about ABC Early Learning Academy’s cool Summer Camp!

After School Program: Coming soon!

We have 3 convenient ABC Early Learning Academy locations.
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